About Us

What is Sunrise?

Sunrise Family Services Society is a licensed BC adoption agency in Vancouver.

In British Columbia, a licensed adoption agency meets strict criteria and qualifications.  The agency must be:

  • a non-profit society

  • approved by the provincial government to facilitate adoptions

  • designated and approved as a competent authority under the Hague Convention on International Adoptions.

Children in many countries throughout the world need homes and love. We are passionate about finding safe and loving homes for those children who would otherwise not have a family, and passionate about helping families realize their dreams of parenting.

Our Mission

Our mission at Sunrise is to build families through adoption.

We do this by:

  • Recognizing adoption as a lifelong process
  • Making the best interest of the child as our primary focus
  • Helping adoptive parents and birth parents make informed decisions
  • Educating and preparing clients for adoption
  • Providing expert help with the complexities of paperwork and other processes necessary to complete an adoption
  • Providing support throughout the adoption process
  • Supporting the on-going needs of adoptive families

The Adoption Information Package

Choosing an adoption agency is an important first step for both birth parents and adoptive parents.  Sunrise's has an information booklet to help get you started. it is an introduction to the process of adoption including your options, general timelines and costs.

We can send this booklet to you by email (in .pdf format). Just ask for it!

Free Consultation

Please contact our office to set up a free, private consultation with one of our Managing Directors.  We schedule appointments during business hours Monday to Friday.   During our initial meetings we will provide you with information about the local and international adoption process in British Columbia, discuss our programs and which ones may be most suitable to your individual needs and circumstances.