adoptive parent profiles

Adopting Parent Profiles

Sunrise has many wonderful families who want to give a child a loving home. Each family prepares a "profile" which is a 2 page glimpse of what the family is like.

We have a staff social worker devoted to counselling and providing support to birth parents as they consider their options.  Some birth mothers decide to place their child for adoption and some decide to parent their child.  We are there to help them make the right choice for their lives.  Many birth mothers remain connected to Sunrise for years.

Three times a year Sunrise has a birth parent panel for adopting parents.  For many of our clients it is a transformative experience.

Below are profiles of some families that are currently waiting for the opportunity to adopt. We have more to show you.

Karina and Matt

Rachel and Jon

Margaree and Dave

Kendi and Ken


Michelle and Les


Allison and Aaron

Sandra and Craig

Amy and Peter

Gordon and Joshua


 Cathy and Chris

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If you decide you'd like to learn more about a family, let us know!