Pregnancy Counseling

We are a licensed BC adoption agency committed to a client centered approach to counseling, and it is available to you at all stages.  Our counselors can assist you to explore the options available to you. We will support you while you make decisions that fit with your wishes and goals, and we will provide balanced, unbiased information, so that you can make informed decisions.  Our counselors will walk with you through your journey, while offering respectful, non-judgmental, professional support. All counseling and support is free and there are no fees or cost to you at any time.

A Sunrise counselor can help you:

·       Explore your choices to determine the best decision for you and your baby. 

Pregnancy and Adoption Counseling

·       Identify parenting resources that are available to you.

·       Explore family support and friend support for parenting or adoption.

·       Understand the details of the adoption process.

·       Develop an adoption plan, if adoption is your choice.

·       By guiding and supporting you during your pregnancy.

·       Deal with family members and friends who are not supportive of your decision.

·       By providing post-adoption counselling after placement.


All of our services are private, confidential and free.

Birth Mother Support Group

Sunrise has a support group for birth mothers.  Many women have found this connection to be helpful in normalizing their experience and feelings.  Learning about and understanding the experience of other women who have been where you are can be helpful in your process.  Some women have established lifelong connections through this process.  You can come to the group any time before, or after, your baby is born.