2018 Summary Report


Sunrise continued throughout 2018 to be a strong and stable adoption agency in British Columbia. Sunrise completed 66 adoptions in 2018 of which 19 were local adoptions in British Columbia and 47 were intercountry adoptions from 15 different countries. Our staff has remained stable and continues to work passionately for children and families.


Some of our staff visited Bulgaria, Panama, Japan, Ghana, Nigeria, Vietnam and the United States to meet with government officials, visit orphanages, attend conferences. In 2018 Sunrise opened new intercountry programs including Mexico, Thailand and Hong Kong. It is our hope that these programs will be successful in finding forever families for these children.


We have continued our tradition of hosting family gatherings such as our annual picnic, our birthmother day picnic, and winter holiday party.  We also assisted families in maintaining cultural ties with their child’s country of origin and with other families who have adopted from the same region of the world. 


We offered ongoing support to birth parents of domestically adopted children, support to prospective adoptive families during their waiting period to adopt and ongoing post adoption support to adoptive families of internationally and domestically adopted children.


We are fortunate to have such a hardworking, dedicated staff to assist our waiting parents and adopted children.


In 2019 we look forward to continuing to provide safe, permanent and loving homes for vulnerable and orphaned children. We remain committed to families and look forward to continuing our adoption programs both domestically and internationally.

Natasha Chalke
Executive Director
Sunrise Family Services Society