Adoption Laws


Adoptions in British Columbia are regulated by different levels of government. In addition, other countries apply specific rules and procedures.


Provincial Laws


The provincial government, through the Ministry of Children and Family Development , regulates all adoptions in BC. All agencies in BC must be licensed by the provincial government and must comply with the Adoption Act and Regulations. Requirements vary from province to province. British Columbia recognizes foreign adoption decrees as final so you do not have to re-adopt your child in BC.


Federal Laws


Adoptions from another country must also comply with federal regulations. This involves your Application for Immigration for the child. It is a complex process.


Laws of the Foreign Country


In an intercountry adoption, it is also necessary to comply with the adoption laws of the country. Sometimes the adoption is completed in the foreign country; in some countries the adoption is completed after the child has come to Canada and lived here for a period of time.


International Agreements


Canada has entered into adoption agreements with several countries. In addition Canada has signed the Hague Convention on International Adoption . The Convention provides a framework of safeguards for protecting children and families involved in international adoption. There are complex procedures that must be followed when an adoption is governed by an international agreement.