One in five children in Africa today is an orphan. While formal adoption has been a foreign concept in Africa in the past, some countries are looking to international adoption to find permanent families for orphaned and vulnerable children. Sunrise is fortunate to have been chosen by several countries in Africa to find qualified adopting families for these children.



Sunrise travels to Africa every year to meet with government officials and to visit orphanages. It is a powerful experience, to say the least. Our Africa Coordinator is a Social Worker who was born and raised in Africa.


For more information about adopting from Africa, contact the Africa Coordinator.

Activities for Children of African Heritage


1. Soccer

The African Canadian Soccer and Cultural Association (ACSCA)


ACSCA is located in New Westminster and holds an annual soccer tournament, which provides quality soccer showcasing a variety of talent from many ethnic backgrounds and ages.  It also provides player development and encourages the participation of women and children.  Lastly, it provides African cultural events throughout the year.

2. Camp Harambee

The Harambee Family Summer Festival is a camp for families raising children with a heritage from an African country.  Most of the families consist of Caucasian parents raising adopted children from an African country.  The children develop life-long friendships with other children who share their experience of being adopted transracially and were born in an African country. Culture, heritage and diversity are celebrated.

3. Akoma Ntoasa Mentoring Group

AKOMA is a monthly get-together for adoptive children from babies to teens, with African heritage. The purpose is to provide the children with mentorship opportunities with different African country heritage mentors, cultural experiences and a space to connect and play with other children who resemble themselves.