For many years Asian countries were the countries of choice for families because they were so stable and predictable. In addition, there were significant numbers of healthy children in need of adoptive families. That is no longer the case. In almost all Asian countries, there are fewer healthy children available for adoption and many of those that do need families, find their family closer to home. The result is that adopting from Asia is now much more difficult than it was, even in the recent past. Wait times are longer and the children increasingly have special needs. Nonetheless, adoptions from Asia continue, albeit in decreased numbers. The Sunrise Asia adoption specialists can advise you about children in need of families to adopt them and what that process looks like.


Of particular note is that if your heritage is the same as the country you wish to adopt from, your adoption may be faster and/or easier.


Cambodia is a prohibited country for adoptions by Canadians. This does not apply to the adoption of a related child.


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