B.C. Adoption Agencies


The BC Adoption Agency system was implemented by the British Columbia Adoption Division in 1996. The government's aim was to provide a regulated adoption service to adopting parents and birth parents in British Columbia.


Sunrise Family Services Society is the largest of the 2 remaining British Columbia agencies. Our head office is in North Vancouver.


The Adoption Agency system has proved to be of great benefit to birth parents and adopting parents. Birth parents receive free pregnancy counselling and adoption services 7 days a week. Agencies provide current, accurate, professional advice and service.


Before the BC Adoption Agency System there were no centralized resource and information centers for assistance with international adoptions. This led to disrupted adoptions and many complaints to the government. It was government's intent that all intercountry adoptions be facilitated by BC licensed adoption agencies, which would provide education to adopting parents about the issues and challenges they would face. Additionally, agencies conform to the Hague Convention on International Adoption.  An unexpected benefit of the new system is that agencies have made huge efforts to create new opportunities for parents to adopt internationally.


Choosing an adoption agency is an important first step for both birth parents and adopting parents. At Sunrise we offer free individual consultations and information meetings to help parents get their search underway. We want parents to look at all their options and then to make the right decision for their family.