Canada's Waiting Children


British Columbia's Waiting Children


The Ministry of Children and Family Development has hundreds of children in its care who desperately need homes. They are known as BC's Waiting Children. These children are waiting for adoption for one of several reasons:


  • They are older than 2

  • They are part of a sibling group

  • They were exposed to drugs or alcohol prenatally and have behavioural or learning disabilities

  • They have suffered abuse or neglect

  • They have lived in so many foster homes that they have difficulty attaching to a new family

  • Despite their challenges, most of them have the capacity to become successful adults if they have even one person in their lives committed to their well-being.


There are no fees involved in adopting a waiting child in BC from the Ministry.


If you would like more information about BC's waiting children visit the Ministry website, or call 1-877-236-7807


Waiting Child Adoption in Canada


Across Canada, children in the care of provincial and territorial governments waiting to be adopted. These children have been relinquished by their birth parents, or apprehended by the local government authority. Some provinces (such as the province of Alberta) provide photo listings and descriptions of the children online. Other provinces do not publicly post the children's information. The Adoption Council of Canada also runs a website that has some of Canada's Waiting Children listed on it.


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