Domestic Adoption


Since 1997 Sunrise has completed many domestic adoptions. More importantly however, is the care we take with our birth mothers. We have a staff social worker devoted to counselling and providing support to birth parents as they consider their options. Some birth mothers decide to place their child for adoption and some decide to parent their child. We are there to help them make the right choice for their lives. Many birth mothers remain connected to Sunrise for years.


Three times a year Sunrise has a birth parent panel for adopting parents. For many of our clients it is a transformative experience.


What is Open Adoption?


We use the term 'open adoption' to describe ongoing contact between adoptive and birth families.


To understand open adoption, it is useful to start with the definition of 'closed adoption'. In a closed adoption, the information that is exchanged between the parties is non-identifying and there is no ongoing contact after the adoption. In "open adoption" the information that is exchanged may or may not be identifying but there is ongoing contact after the adoption.


The Range of Possibilities


In a fully open adoption, the families exchange identifying information and establish a significant ongoing relationship. In other cases, openness may mean the occasional visit or phone call, and the exchange of letters, pictures and progress notes. In some cases there is no ongoing contact.

What does that look like?


Ideally, openness should be discussed before the birth of the baby, to identify and clarify expectations. However, relationships grow and change over time, and openness usually evolves over time. Sometimes the relationship between the adopting parents and the birth parents grows during the pregnancy and by the time the baby is born everyone is comfortable with ongoing direct communication. There are circumstances when the time frame between meeting each other and the birth of the baby is not long enough to establish a relationship; in this case, we can help you build your relationship with the birth family after the birth of the baby.


Please contact our office to set up a free, private consultation with one of our Managing Directors. We schedule appointments during business hours Monday to Friday. During our initial meetings we will provide you with information about the local and/or international adoption process in British Columbia, discuss our programs and which ones may be most suitable to your individual needs and circumstances.