Get Involved


There are many ways to help here in Canada and abroad. Please look through these pages and consider how you might volunteer or donate.




Sunrise friends and clients are encouraged to:


  • Help at a Sunrise Adoption Event

    • Sunrise Annual Picnic

    • Birthmother's Day Picnic

    • December Holiday Tree Party


  • Help Orphans left behind

    • Help renovate an orphanage

    • Organize and collect donations

    • Send supplies and clothes abroad


  • Support Other Adopting Families

    • Be a Mentor - help others learn by sharing your experiences and wisdom

    • Join a support or play group


If you are interested in helping out contact the Sunrise Office.




There are many opportunities to provide charitable assistance to those in need. Poverty, illness, grief and suffering, are challenges faced by many families and children in developing countries. Even small donations can make a positive difference.

A Child's Right to Family

There has been a global turning away from intercountry adoption by developed nations of the world.  Western Governments are implementing policies that promote children remaining in their country of origin over their right to a family. For most children, these policies mean growing up in institutions; without a family, parents that love them, and without forming an attachment. It is through attachment in a family that children can reach their full potential as a person. It is time to have a discussion as a nation and as a global community about whether or not a policy to protect a child’s heritage rights should supersede their right to a family.

Please read An Unparented Child's Right to Family.