The Children


  • Children between 0 – 16 years may be adopted. The typical age of children proposed to families is under 1 year.

  • The children are mostly boys and rarely girls.

  • The children are typically from baby homes and are abandoned at birth.


​The Parents

  • Adoptive parents must be at least 25 years of age. There is no age limit.

  • Adoptive parents must be married.

  • Morocco does not recognize same sex marriages or defacto relationships.

  • There is no limit to how many children the adoptive parents have in the home.

  • At least one adoptive parent must be a permanent resident of Canada.

  • The Adoptive parents must be practising Muslims to adopt from Morocco and require proof of faith.

  • Applicants should have at least an average income and be financially secure including employment.

  • Must be in good mental and physical health and capable of caring for an adopted child. Evidence of health must also be obtained from a doctor practising in Morocco.

  • Not currently using cannabis

For more information about adopting from Morocco, contact the Africa Coordinator. Our Africa Coordinator is a Social Worker who was born and raised in Africa.