September 21, 2016

One of the areas in adoption literature that has always fascinated me is the development of identity and sense of self among adopted children. I find the topic of identity personal, and something that most of us can relate to.  You may never experience complex trauma, separation, or attachment difficulties, which many adopted children...

April 11, 2016

My last post discussed the use of play to deal with behavioural issues. The podcast featured Dr. Larry Cohen explaining how parents can use play-based activities to divert an unpleasant situation into a fun opportunity for child-parent interaction.


Let’s continue exploring this concept of the ‘play zone’ in relation to an important ad...

April 4, 2016

The journey of adoption can be a rocky road filled with emotion.   Searching for a birth family can lead to the outcome that one wants, or not. But what if you found your birth family and almost 30 years later discovered they weren’t actually your birth family? And the reason you found out that you weren’t related is because your actu...

March 29, 2016

A good friend of mine recently told me that her three-year-old daughter, Allie, absolutely refused to get dressed that morning. I hear this story about once a week, and it is similar each time – Dad tries to get the kids dressed in the morning, the five-year-old cooperates, but Allie doesn't like her options and either refuses to put...

March 23, 2016

Did you know that the occurance of anxiety and depression in adopted children is almost twice that of the general population?  And, both conditions manifest very differently in children than they do in adults.  Check out Adoption Learning Partners' new webinar airing Thursday April 7th: ALP Anxiety and Depression in Adopted Child...

March 21, 2016


After 3 Years of Red Tape a Surrey Couple Brings Home Son From the Congo


Although young Pedro, now three and a half, was officially adopted three years ago from the

Congo, he was not permitted to come home to his Canadian family until just recently.

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, his parents Shelley and Fred Muntau, have nav...

March 14, 2016

Jillian Lauren and her partner Scott adopted their son Tariku from Ethiopia in 2009. In 2011, Jillian shared her family’s adoption story and perspective on identity development at a Tedx Talk at Chapman University.


I have watched this Ted Talk more than a handful of times, and every time I am impressed by Jillian’s ability to relate t...

February 3, 2016

By Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Ph.D. and facilitated by Rebecca Janke, MSW RSW


Parenting children who have been adopted is a rewarding task but involves distinct challenges.  Transplanting children – moving a child from one primary caregiver to another - constitutes the most difficult challenge in raising children. The impact of attachment di...

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