When Can I Sign The Adoption Papers?

At Sunrise Family Services Society, our counselors often receive emails or phone calls with adoption related questions. One of the questions that we simply hear all the time is “When can I sign the adoption papers?” Please see the video or the script below for the full answer. Sunrise is an adoption agency in North Vancouver, British Columbia. We facilitate domestic and international adoption for residents of BC and offer pregnancy and adoption counseling to women across Canada who are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. As one of BC’s adoption agencies, we provide information for adoptive parents. Sunrise helps you find the right adoption program to adopt a child. We offer an online Adoption Education Program, and support throughout the adoption process. We provide ongoing adoption support for birth mothers, adoptive families and adopted children in British Columbia. In British Columbia, a licensed adoption agency meets strict criteria and qualifications. The agency must be: - a non-profit society - approved by the provincial government to facilitate adoptions - designated and approved as a competent authority under the Hague Convention on International Adoptions. Children in many countries throughout the world need homes and love. We are passionate about finding safe and loving homes for those children who would otherwise not have a family, and passionate about helping families realize their dreams of parenting. Visit us at: Sunrise Adoption Centre 171 W Esplanade #102, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3J9 (604) 984-2488 info@sunriseadoption.com VIDEO SCRIPT: When can I sign the adoption papers? The rules and laws about signing adoption papers are different in every province in Canada and every state in the USA. Here we set out the rules in British Columbia (if you live in a different area we will let you know what those rules are). In the Province of British Columbia adoption papers are not signed until after you have decided to place your child for adoption and the baby is already born. Once these things have happened then you sign two necessary papers (at different times): (i) The first is a transfer of care and custody to the adopting parents (through Sunrise). This allows the parents you have chosen to take the baby home from the hospital. (ii) After the baby is 10 days old you can sign papers giving your formal consent to the adoption. In British Columbia the law allows you to change your mind, even if you have signed the consent, up until the baby is 30 days old. This is a rare event, but the law is there to give you that right if you need it. For over 15 years, our staff and social workers at Sunrise have been helping women with unplanned pregnancies to think through their options. We can help you with both the planning and the paperwork to achieve the right result for you.


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