How to Speak to Someone About an Unspeakable Loss

Some of you may have seen an article trending on social media recently called “ How to Speak to Someone About an Unspeakable Loss.” In the article, Linda Carroll writes about losing her three-month-old son and the isolation she experienced, as many people did not know how to respond to her child’s death and her grief.

Adoptive families already know that every member of the adoption triad experiences significant losses. The adoptive parent(s) may experience the loss of a biological child; the birth parent(s) the loss of raising the adoptee; and the adoptive child potentially loses his/her birth family, culture, and pieces of their identity, etc. There are many adoptive parents who admit difficulty in speaking to their child about adoption, so one can only imagine how difficult the topic of adoption losses can be for someone who cannot relate to this journey.

If you are someone who has experienced infertility, or are experiencing an adoption related loss (unmet expectations of your adoptive child), or are a birth parent that is feeling intense sorrow after placing your child for adoption, take a read through this article. After reading the article you may think to yourself “ this is exactly how I would like people to respond to me.” If this crosses your mind consider sharing the article with a family member or a friend. After all, your family and friends want to support you, but may simply need a little guidance.

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