Relationship matters

Local leading expert on attachment, Dr. Gordon Neufeld, explains the importance of “relationship” to a child’s development and capacity to learn. He outlines how we have to “have our children’s hearts” before they can learn and develop. He expresses the importance of the role we have as parents and the profound impact our relationship to our children has on their ability to reach their own potential. I encourage you to take the time to view this video. It will affect you differently depending on where you are at in your adoption journey and the age of the child or children that you adopt. You may consider delaying putting your child in daycare or school, or you may just give your child a giant hug and hold their hand and tell them how important they are... whatever stage you are at, it’s not too late to work on our relationships with our children and to take the extra time to do what it takes to ensure we have their hearts.

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