We must speak out against racist acts and injustice, as to remain silent, is to be complicit

It is hard not to feel overwhelmed with the state of the world at this time, but as stated by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. times like these are the ultimate measure of a person. The systemic racism that led to the horrific death of George Floyd needs to end. It is insufficient to not be racist, we must be actively anti-racist. We must speak out against racist acts, injustice and inequality, as to remain silent, is to be complicit.

The Sunrise family is one that is united across borders, ethnicities and cultural lines. We are proud of our families who have chosen intercountry adoptions and met the unique challenges they have head on. Families embrace the cultures of their children and teach their children to be proud of who they are. We must all find out how we can support equality and actively seek ways to challenge entrenched racism. These are hard but extremely important conversations to have with each other and our children. If you are struggling with these conversations please reach out. We are here to help.

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