The Thai government has accredited Sunrise to facilitate the adoption of Thai children.


Parents who have given a home to Thai children are spread across the world. Every four years the

Government of Thailand sponsors a homeland trip for adopted Thai children. This is a remarkable experience, and unique in the world. For a week parents and children visit orphanages, sightsee, and connect with Thai culture.


The Thai children who are adopted are of all ages. They live in orphanages, some run by the Government and some run by Charities. To an extent not seen anywhere else in the world, Thai orphanages are supported by the community and businesses. There is a national commitment to support children in orphanages in Thailand. It is an inspiring country to adopt from.

Adopting Parents

  • Must be married for at least two years before applying (each applicant may have up to one divorce).

  • Adoptive Mother not older than 40 years.

  • Adoptive Father not older than 45 years.

  • Both parents must be residents of British Columbia.

  • Small families are preferred (One or zero children currently in the home).

  • Documented infertility, if any.

  • Good physical and mental health (including a BMI under 30).

  • Stable income, in good financial position, and a minimum of a high school diploma or certificate.

  • Currently Thailand only accepts applications from heterosexual couples.

  • Thailand does not accept single applicants.

  • Not currently using cannabis.


If you do not strictly meet the age and family size requirements set out above, there is a process to apply to the Thai government for pre-approval in the event you intend to adopt a child with special needs.

Relative Adoptions 

Sunrise also facilitates relative adoptions (the adoption of a child related to you) from Thailand. For more information please contact us.

Only accepting of applications from residents of British Columbia.

Residents of Ontario and Quebec are required to use agencies in their home province.