The Central Authority of Vietnam has accredited Sunrise to find loving families for children living in orphanages.


  • Children are usually 18 months to 3 years old at time of proposal and 22 months to 3 ½ years of age at time of placement.

  • There are older children and sibling groups in need of families. We have received proposals for children up to the age of 6 years.

  • The children reside in orphanages.

Adopting parents cannot select the sex of the child they wish to adopt. Some of the children are abandoned at birth; others are placed for adoption by their birth families. It is common that there is no background information known about the child’s birth parents or pre-natal risk factors.

Children from Vietnam have medical tests done before they are proposed for adoption. These tests include a standard panel of blood tests as well as tests for Hepatitis and HIV infection.

Adoptive Parents

 The eligibility criteria to adopt from Vietnam are:

  • An adoptive parent must be 20 years older than the child

  • Must be a resident of BC.

  • A couple must be married, with or without children.

  • Single applicants are permitted.

  • Same gender couples are not accepted.

Relative Adoption

​If you are a Vietnamese citizen with Permanent Resident Status in Canada or a Vietnamese/Canadian citizen wishing to adopt a relative child in Vietnam then we can assist.

​The child must be under 15 years of age and related to you.

​Vietnam is a signatory to the Hague International Adoption Convention and the adoption of a relative child must proceed pursuant to the procedures of that Convention.  This is a complicated process, and we are able to assist you in obtaining the necessary approvals from the authorities in both countries.

​For further information please contact our Managing Director at Sunrise.


Residents of Ontario and Quebec are required to use agencies in their home province.