Intercountry adoption is a complex field in which countries open and close to adoption, speed up, slow down or temporarily stop.  In fact something changes in intercountry adoption every day.  In short it is not for the faint of heart nor for the impatient person. Since 1997, Sunrise has been searching out intercountry adoption options, some of them unique to Sunrise.  Hundreds of BC families have adopted internationally. Most of the countries we work with are listed on the left.  Please review them and contact us for more information.

Relative Adoption

If you are adopting a relative from another country, please see Adopting a Relative from Another Country for the special rules which apply.

Out-of Province Applicants

We are currently not accepting new applications from families who live outside of British Columbia.


Please contact our office to set up a free, private consultation with one of our Managing Directors.  We schedule appointments during business hours Monday to Friday.   During our initial meetings we will provide you with information about the local and/or international adoption process in British Columbia, discuss our programs and which ones may be most suitable to your individual needs and circumstances.