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What Sunrise Clients Say:


We could not recommend Sunrise enough. From their counsellors, to their social workers, administration, lawyers they are all amazing.  We had two very unique and challenging adoptions. They were with us every step of the way. Fielding calls and emails during the evenings and weekends, arranging meetings and joining us on those meetings just to ensure everyone was comfortable.   Throughout the course of both of our adoptions their judgement was spot on and their experience proved priceless. We have no doubt that we have these two little boys in our lives because of them.   They helped us navigate through the home study, the stacks of paperwork, and meeting birthmothers. But more than showing us the way, they supported us through all of the ups and downs.

But what impressed us the most about Sunrise was the amazing support they provide to birthmother/parents. Through our adoptions we got to know two birthmothers and they were each remarkable in their own right. Their wellbeing in the weeks and months after the adoption was so important to us. Knowing that Sunrise was also there for them, as well as offering counselling was a huge relief and let us concentrate on caring for and bonding with our sons.

Post adoption we are still in regular contact with Sunrise and attend their picnics and seminars on adoption. We have enjoyed meeting other families who have also adopted children and have made life-long friends through Sunrise.  Thank you to the entire Sunrise Team! If someone had told us when we applied in December that we would be parents by June I would have never believed them. Or wake up one morning the parents of one child, talking about what we would have for dinner that night, while having no idea we had been chosen by a birthmom and by 1:30pm, that same day, we would have a baby in the backseat on our way home. Amazing! Crazy, but truly amazing.

We only wish we had contacted Sunrise sooner. We spent a few years going through all of our options, afraid to take the leap. But once we jumped in we realized the pool wasn't as deep as we thought, the water was pretty warm and you have some great lifeguards there if you get in over your head. :)


Sunrise has facilitated 3 adoptions in the journey of building my family and I am extremely happy with their commitment to creating ethical programs, focusing on what's best for the children, and their support to my family during and after our adoptions. Sunrise has been transparent, respectful and professional. The staff have truly gone the extra mile for us as a family!


We are so happy with Sunrise Family Services.  For anyone considering adoption, Sunrise is definitely the agency to go with.  From our first initial visit to inquire about adoption to the final paperwork for our beautiful baby girl, we couldn't have asked for better service.  They were always there for us when we needed them, even for our daily phone calls we made when we were waiting out the 30 days after our placement.  Not only have we increased our extended family size by our birth family but also with Sunrise

From our first meeting at sunrise we felt a very warm welcome. Their compassion for our desire to start a family was evident. The Sunrise staff was and is always kind, courteous and very professional. We love Sunrise and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to adopt locally or worldwide.



You and Doug and your family have truly created an extraordinary opportunity for longing adults to become parents and for orphaned babies to be in homes of loving mamas ans papas and, for us all to become families together - an extraordinary legacy! Thank you for pursuing your heart and calling to create Sunrise Adoption- Paula February 2019


We really look forward to catching up again. Living so far away has made us value our beginnings even more. We often reflect on how it all began for our family in the offices of Sunrise Adoption Agency.



About our Africa Program Manager:


You have been such a blessing and HUGE help to us through this process.  When we hear of other couple’s experiences with adoption and then share of our experience they are blown away by how you have been there for us and gone above and beyond.


About our Admin staff:


I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your great work in helping to sort out the details and keep everyone on track for our adoption of two children through Sunrise.  We really appreciate how patiently, efficiently and carefully you did it all - it really felt like you were a solid anchor for us when things seemed a bit overwhelming and confusing and we were desperate to get the details right.  Every time we had a question about the details or the paper, it seems you had a clear answer off the top of your head or could get back to us with something specific and clear or could point us directly to where we could find the answer.


You've been an important person in helping to shape our experience building our family through the adoption process with Sunrise. Thank you!


About the Birthparent Panel:


We loved attending the Birthparent panel  . . .  it has been our favorite part of the homestudy process so far. The birthmothers were so open and amazing!


To the Sunrise Asia Program Team:


It has been a wonderful journey, so far, to say the very least. From the second we said "let's adopt", 7 years ago, to today.... here we are with two beautiful girls....our Family is now complete.  I know we keep saying this but Thank you, again! We are so blessed and grateful for everything the two of you and the rest of the Sunrise team has done for us.  


Andrea and Michael


I am just so incredibly grateful for all of the support that you gave me.  I don't know how to adequately get that message across to you, except to just tell you myself.  It would seem that Sunrise really knows no bounds in terms of support and loyalty to their families.


You are amazing people, and I continue to be truly awed by how you all stepped up to support us.  You are the rarest of gems, and I hope that people will continue to tell you that and give back the way that you do. 


Sandra and Ross


We were so fortunate to have discovered Sunrise Adoption for our wish to adopt a child. My sister and brother-in-law had adopted a baby locally through Sunrise and were encouraging us to move forward through our disappointments and register ourselves with the Sunrise Adoption Agency. We took their advice and to our amazement we were chosen to adopt a baby boy only seven months after our nephew was adopted. It is just wonderful to have the two boys so close together in age. 


We are so grateful to all the staff at Sunrise; their exceptional service and professionalism went way beyond what we expected. The special way in which they anticipated our emotions throughout the whole process and handled every aspect with a calm and gentle approach made us feel less anxious and reassured. 


With the complexities and uncertainty of adoptions, it is comforting to know that an agency such as Sunrise is so devoted to their work. They are truly masters of their chosen paths and we only hope that many others can experience the wonderful joy that we were blessed with. 


Choosing an agency was a difficult task for us. We wanted someone who made us feel confident but kept our expectations realistic, someone who was warm, personable and professional, and someone who had a lot of experience in the field. We talked with other agencies but decided on Sunrise.


We found that one of the big advantages of working through Sunrise was putting together 2 pages of personal information that went into binders. We felt this allowed us to add some of our own personality into the whole process, which we appreciated. All other aspects of the adoption process - the workshops and home studies - were very informative and professionally carried out. 


We highly recommend Sunrise as an Adoption agency. We enjoyed their warmth and humour, their updates, their sincerity and the great team of invaluable helpers. 


John, Karen and Brendan


It has been one year now since we have received our son Brendan and what a wondrous year it has been! He is such a beautiful boy and brings us so much and love while watching him grow. Our son has enriched our lives and made us complete as a family. 


From the very beginning, Sunrise Adoption Agency has been there every step of the way. Sunrise has proven to be professional and supportive with any questions we may have had during the adoption process. In a way, Sunrise has become part of our family too! We plan to adopt in the future, and would not hesitate in using Sunrise Adoption Agency again.


More Feedback from our Clients


"Deep, complete, heartfelt gratitude to you ALL for holding us so warmly, caringly, open-heartedly through our adoption journey.  It has been a ride, indeed.  And we would not be this family without you!"


"You are truly wonderful people at Sunrise.  Kind-hearted souls.  Thanks for all you have done for us."


"It was a very special and powerful trip to her country. Our anxiety was reduced with how well the trip was organised by Sunrise and how detailed the trip was. It made the journey a very pleasurable experience and we would like to recognise the staff for this."


"I wanted to make sure that you all know how truly grateful we are for your help. If someone had told me back in May when we first came to Sunrise, that we would be parents by the end of November, I would have scoffed at them. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for helping us make our dreams come true."


"We are so happy with Sunrise that we recommend it every chance we get."


"Thank you both so much for your support and assistance with adopting our beautiful son. We are truly happy!"


"We're thrilled with the course our life is on ... It was a pleasure working with you, thanks for all your support."


"Thanks for all your help throughout this process - we are forever grateful and appreciative."


"We really appreciate all you have done for us. It is so wonderful to finally be parents and to have a family. Keep up the great work you do."


"Thank you for taking so much time from your lives to continue to make these adoptions happen. We have a truly remarkable gift!"


"Thank you so much for all your help and hard work. We really appreciated your professionalism and dedication."


"We just wanted to send along our thanks for helping us to get our dossier prepared and sent to China. We enjoyed the process, and found your office, as well as our social worker, to be prompt, friendly and helpful!"

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