Intercountry Adoption and International Adoption


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Intercountry adoption and International Adoption are terms used interchangeably and provide the opportunity for a child who may be facing a dismal or even tragic future to find a loving family who can provide him or her with the care, love and material necessities to have a fulfilling life.  It is a matter of finding the right parents to match with the child for an intercountry adoption.

The term “intercountry adoption” covers a very wide range of possibilities and experiences.  There are no two adoptions that look the same.  For most people, an intercountry adoption will be one of the more challenging events of their life.  At Sunrise we have spent the past 20 years helping Canadians, primarily British Columbians, adopt children from across the world.  We have learned from every adoption and have built up resources, materials, expertise and contacts to help vulnerable and orphaned children find loving families in this country.

International adoption has changed dramatically over the past 20 years.  Worldwide there are less than one third of the number of intercountry adoptions than occurred two decades ago.  This comes as a surprise to most prospective adopting parents.  Although there are approximately 15 million orphans in the world. The Hague Adoption Convention requires that a family be found in the child's home country before intercountry adoption is considered.  What that means is sometimes lengthy waits to find a child a loving family. It also means thinking about what are the characteristics of the child you would like to provide a home and family for.  Race, age, health, special needs, culture and language are all part of the decision making process.

At Sunrise our counsellors will help you think through these complex issues and provide advice for you and your family to adopt internationally.

Over the past 20 years most of the countries in the world have become signatories to an international adoption agreement called the Hague International Adoption Convention (the Convention).  This worldwide agreement imposes complex processes meant to provide regulation and security to intercountry adoptions.  Sunrise has been an Accredited Body under the Convention for 20 years and has considerable experience helping adopting parents navigate these intercountry adoption procedures.  Sunrise has also been accredited by the Government Central Authorities for the Convention in many countries.  This enables Sunrise to work directly with the Central Authorities of those countries without involving a third party facilitator.  This reduces the paperwork and costs to adopting parents.

Applicants need to be realistic about the challenges involved.  One of the things we have learned over the past two decades is that there is no such thing as an easy adoption.  Every adoption we have ever been involved with is different.  Applicants need to be ready to handle uncertainty, constant change, and levels of risks.  At Sunrise we have an advanced and interactive online education course, as well as individual counselling, to help prepare you for these challenges. 

An ancient Chinese proverb states that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”.  To make that first step, call us for an appointment and we will provide you with guidance on this journey.


                                      International Adoption for Other Provinces

Sunrise can work with residents of Canada's western provinces, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba through their Provincial Central Authority, with whom we have working agreements.

Please note: Residents of Ontario and Quebec are required to use agencies in their home province.

Please contact our office to set up a free, private consultation with one of our Adoption Coordinators. We schedule appointments during business hours Monday to Friday.  During our initial meetings we will provide you with information about the local and/or international adoption process in British Columbia.