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HIV Positive Adoption

HIV+ Adoption

Sunrise has been approached by several countries to find parents for children who are HIV positive.

There are many children with this disease who may be adopted. Several families have completed adoptions of HIV positive children and more families are in the adoption process.

With modern medical approaches to the treatment of HIV (especially if started early in life) children can lead long lives. Sunrise now offers adoptive families a HIV specific education program to help educate families about adopting a child with HIV. There is a growing number of parents in the US and Canada who are adopting HIV positive children. We are building a community of adoptive families who choose this path. 

If you would like more information please contact us.

Summer Camp
There are an increasing number of resources in British Columbia for children with HIV. One of these is Camp Moomba a summer camp for children with HIV or Hep C.

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