How to Adopt - The Adoption Process 


Adoption can be unpredictable and no two adoptions are exactly the same. However, there is a general process that all adoptions follow. Below are the steps you will need to complete as part of your adoption.


1. Contact Us


When you contact Sunrise Adoption, we will:


  • Send you information about us and the countries you are interested in.

  • Arrange a meeting with a Managing Director to discuss your various adoption options.


2. Register as a Client of Sunrise


When you have made the decision to use Sunrise as your adoption agency:


  • Request the registration and application forms if you do not already have them.

  • Complete and send the forms to the Sunrise office.We will process your application and assign a Social Worker to complete your Homestudy.


3. Complete a Homestudy


  • After meeting with the Social Worker and completing all of the required documentation, a Homestudy report will be prepared.

  • For the components of a homestudy see The Homestudy.

  • During the homestudy, if you have not done so already, you will select a country to apply to.


4. Submit a Profile or Dossier


  • If you are adopting a child from BC, you will prepare your "Profile" and "Homestudy Package" which are viewed by birth parents and used by them to select the adoptive parents.

  • If you are adopting from another country, the next step is to meet the requirements of that country which usually involves submitting a dossier of documents to the country.


You will also need to apply for immigration approval for your child to enter Canada.


5. Be Matched with a Child


  • If you are adopting Domestically, you will be contacted when your Profile and Homestudy Package are selected by a birth parent. Placement generally occurs soon after the birth.

  • If you are adopting internationally, you will usually be presented with a Proposal for a specific child. If you decide to accept the Proposal, you will most likely begin preparations to travel to that country to pick up your child.